Operations Management Group

about-leftpanelThe OM Group is made up of individuals who are dedicated to providing a high level of technical expertise paired with exceptional customer service. Between two partners, The OM Group has over 40 years of combined experience in the audio visual field. Together with a core group of dedicated highly skilled technicians and a network of partners around the world, they are able to meet the needs of the most discernible clients.

Founded in 2004, the OM Group was created with the specific goal to service the unique needs of financial and pharmaceutical clients across the globe. The company focused on financial bank meetings and investor conferences as well as pharmaceutical advisory boards, forums and symposiums. Through their dedicated work, The OM Group quickly grew to become a trusted partner in executing the technical requirements for these events and meetings.

Today, The OM Group continues to win over new clients who are looking for a company that will partner with them to produce a meeting or event that they and their company can be proud of.

Global Experience

The OM Group has experience running programs globally for our Pharmaceutical clients, and has a multicultural staff. We understand firsthand the cultural and technical difficulties of working with an international clientele. When the client from Italy comes prepared with presentation on a laptop with no adapter, and no knowledge of how to get their meeting materials into US standards for video, The OM Group is the company who can handle the challenge.

Labor Relations

The OM Group has a longstanding relationship with Local 1, The Hotel Maintenance, Carpenters, Valets and Utility Workers Union, and our management team members have been active Union members as staff AV at NY City’s finest Boutique Hotels. Our management team has credibility amongst union employees, and is capable of communicating the need for white glove client service while respecting labor rules and regulations that may frustrate managers from national “chain” AV providers without organized labor experience.

Strategic Partnerships

The OM Group has several strategic partnerships with meeting planning, advertising, communications, and medical education firms nationwide through our live event division. Our strategic partners require access to premier properties in all cities they run programs in. Wherever possible, The OM Group can leverage our strategic partnerships to realize synergies with our partner properties.


Exquisite locations, distinctive decor and architecture, and White Glove Service are some of the things that differentiate the Boutique and Luxury Hotel from the “chain” experience. Even top tiered chains lack the unique character that makes a client seek out a boutique property. Similarly, The OM Group offers local knowledge, top equipment, and unparalled personalized service to compliment the character of the properties we serve. You won’t be treated like a chain, each property has an OM Group management team member empowered to accomodate the needs of our partner properties without wading through layers of bureaucratic red tape.